Read Out Loud: Strategies for Teaching Literature

Link to my Prezi from the Strategies for Teaching Literature course at West Chester University, presented on March 15, 2016. Click here to see the Prezi, which includes 20 strategies I use for teaching literature.

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  1. Really great ideas – I’m feeling like I’m in a rut with my on level students, so this is exactly what I needed. I am definitely going to use one of these tomorrow and others in the coming weeks. For the “Storyboard the Action” strategy, do you have any examples of those? I’m having trouble visualizing what that looks like for students.


    • I would have to take a picture from one of my student’s notebooks. I will try to do that. This storyboarding action worked really well with my AP Lang students using “On Compassion” by Barbara Ascher—specically the description of the woman, the homeless man, and the city as a whole. The sentences are actually quite cinematic. We talk a lot about the different “shots” and frames you could imagine in Ascher’s writing.


      • I love that piece! We just did it last month and had them write their own version of “On _______” – some of them wrote such beautifully honest things. Would love to see a picture of that activity if you wouldn’t mind. Thank you for always being so helpful!


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