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If you look at the picture on the right, you might be asking yourself why all those people are in line. Concert tickets? The latest gadget? Maybe a Kleinfeld’s sample sale? Nope. What you’re seeing is a line of hundreds of language arts and English teachers—from pre-service… Read More

New (school)Year’s Resolutions

Each August brings with it mixed feelings. The first is always shock: Wow, August already? Didn’t we just get out of school? The second is denial: August? Really? It can’t be. Didn’t we just get of school? Then anger: What, August?!? Why?!? We just got out of… Read More

Writing with an Artist’s Eye

Three years ago, I took a course called “Visualizing Words and Worlds” through the PA Writing & Literature Project (PAWLP) and this past July, I had an opportunity to co-teach the class for the second time at the James Michener Museum in Doylestown (a fantastic museum, by… Read More