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Connect the Dots

Last year, in my first post for this series, I asked, how do we show up?  What does it mean to “show up” in anti-racist work? What does it mean to “show up” in educational spaces—educational spaces which (of all places) should be inherently anti-racist… Read More

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Signs and signals

With the primary season in full swing and still more than eight months away from November… I’m already exhausted. Actually, I’ve been exhausted. Every day feels like a hundred. This post isn’t really about the election, but politics is always personal and local. And so… Read More

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How do we show up?

“Your racial consciousness determines how you show up.” A few weeks ago,  a small group of teachers—all of us teachers of color—gathered for dinner with Tony Hudson, an Equity Transformational Specialist from the Pacific Education Group (PEG). This year, our district partnered with PEG to… Read More

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Dear Students

I ended our first full week of school by writing, and reading aloud, a letter to my students. There’s so much more to say, but it’s a start. This weekend, they write back. 🙂 August 31, 2018 Dear 10th graders, One question that I often… Read More