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Teachers are Learners, too.

Every now and then, I hear teachers express less than positive reviews of their teacher education programs and coursework. Too much theory, not enough practical advice. The result? Walking into a class full of students on the first day only to quickly realize that you don’t know… Read More

Worth the time.

I ‘ve decided that since I seem completely incapable of turning my teacher brain off this summer, I’m going to embrace it. As such, I’ve been doing a lot of professional reading—reading new-to-me titles like Reading Ladders, In the Middle (3rd ed.), Thrive, Worth Writing About, and Whole… Read More


If you look at the picture on the right, you might be asking yourself why all those people are in line. Concert tickets? The latest gadget? Maybe a Kleinfeld’s sample sale? Nope. What you’re seeing is a line of hundreds of language arts and English teachers—from pre-service… Read More

New (school)Year’s Resolutions

Each August brings with it mixed feelings. The first is always shock: Wow, August already? Didn’t we just get out of school? The second is denial: August? Really? It can’t be. Didn’t we just get of school? Then anger: What, August?!? Why?!? We just got out of… Read More

View from my ballroom

One of the things I love about teaching is the creativity: creating new assignments, finding more effective ways to engage students, and designing materials that are more inviting.  Thinking like a teacher doesn’t end with the school day, and I find myself planning lessons everywhere I… Read More