Monthly archives of “August 2014

A Visual Syllabus

One of the first documents I revisit at the start of any school year is the syllabus. After all, it’s the first thing I hand out to students. The syllabus provides students with their first overview of what they’ll be learning in the upcoming year. It’s the “first… Read More


I have drawn a map. It’s one of the first things I did.  – J. K. Rowling One of my new (school) year resolutions is to try to tap into the power of visual art. As a hobbyist photographer, I know first-hand the power of… Read More

New (school)Year’s Resolutions

Each August brings with it mixed feelings. The first is always shock: Wow, August already? Didn’t we just get out of school? The second is denial: August? Really? It can’t be. Didn’t we just get of school? Then anger: What, August?!? Why?!? We just got out of… Read More

View from my ballroom

One of the things I love about teaching is the creativity: creating new assignments, finding more effective ways to engage students, and designing materials that are more inviting.  Thinking like a teacher doesn’t end with the school day, and I find myself planning lessons everywhere I… Read More