Slice of Life 18: Science Fair H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

It’s already 9:13 p.m, and my 2nd grader and I still need to finish putting together his display board for the science fair tomorrow. Unfortunately, I was sidetracked earlier tonight trying to finish up a few video tutorials for class tomorrow. It’s surprisingly difficult to record a screencast with a four-year-old in the background.

Though I know the science fair is a valuable experience for the boys, I’m exhausted by it all. If they told me tomorrow that they never wanted to do another science fair project again, I might be okay with that. On the other hand, if my 2nd grader’s jelly bean taste test or my 4th grader’s circuit board experiment lead to a Nobel Prize in Physics, well, I guess I could say that it all began on a late night in March amidst construction paper scraps and rubber cement.

So a short post tonight because, like I said, I’ve got future physicists waiting.

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  1. Science Fairs are always such work for the parents. I always hope this leads to some valuable bonding time between parent and child, and that the child actually learns something from it! Best of luck to you!


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