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Slice of Life 22: Buzz

It was Back-to-School Night at my sons’ school, September 2012. As my husband and I walked through the too-small hallways towards my sons’ classrooms, I saw an older gentleman in the crowd approaching from the opposite direction.

I would have recognized him anywhere. Tall, shaved head, and smiling eyes—it was Mr. Wemple, my former high school social studies teacher.

Slice of Life 21: Drive-by

Because my boys are in public school, every Tuesday afternoon, I drop Matthew and Toby off at our church for their weekly P.R.E.P. class. When I was growing up, we called it C.C.D., but now it’s just P.R.E.P., or Parish Religious Education Program. I went… Read More

Slice of Life 20: 12 hours

5:30-6:10 Check e-mail. Create Google Form survey for Read-A-Thon. Write up and post assignment details for RAFT assignment for world lit students. 6:10-6:40 Get ready. Get text from colleague about senior class meeting this morning. 6:40-7:05 Drive to school, listen to Morning Edition on NPR.… Read More