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Getting out of the way: A line of argument

One of my favorite essays in my AP Lang & Comp class is Amanda Ripley’s “The Case Against High School Sports,” originally published in The Atlantic. Ripley’s argument is particularly provocative as she questions the possible disproportionate value that schools place on sports versus academics. Conversation is… Read More

New Yorker Inspired Writing

Yesterday afternoon while I skimmed and scanned my inbox, I came across Lena Dunham’s latest piece for The New Yorker—”The Bride in Her Head“—a wonderful essay in which she examines her changing attitude toward marriage, reflecting on her own personal life particularly in the context of the Supreme Court’s… Read More

New (school)Year’s Resolutions

Each August brings with it mixed feelings. The first is always shock: Wow, August already? Didn’t we just get out of school? The second is denial: August? Really? It can’t be. Didn’t we just get of school? Then anger: What, August?!? Why?!? We just got out of… Read More

View from my ballroom

One of the things I love about teaching is the creativity: creating new assignments, finding more effective ways to engage students, and designing materials that are more inviting.  Thinking like a teacher doesn’t end with the school day, and I find myself planning lessons everywhere I… Read More