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Worth the time.

I ‘ve decided that since I seem completely incapable of turning my teacher brain off this summer, I’m going to embrace it. As such, I’ve been doing a lot of professional reading—reading new-to-me titles like Reading Ladders, In the Middle (3rd ed.), Thrive, Worth Writing About, and Whole… Read More

On the Need for Peer Response

Irecently had the opportunity to present at Strategies for Writing, a PA Writing/Literature course. One of my writing institute colleagues was teaching the course and asked me to come in to present on using peer response groups in the classroom (she knew that I had… Read More

Notice & Note, then Write: A Blueprint

I’ve been doing more thinking about how to use Notice and Note: Strategies for Close Reading to invite students to write. Since my last post on the subject, I’ve thought about how this would actually work―practically speaking―in my classroom. (If you are new to Notice and Note, read more… Read More


I’ve been giving a lot of thought recently to this word—mentor. I’m one of those people who believe in signs. If the universe wants you to know something—to do something—the universe will find a way of making sure you know about it. And so it… Read More